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      Xiaoxian survey more>>
      Xiaoxian City, painting, alias, ancient Xiao capital, is located in the northern part of Anhui Province, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Anhui Province at the turn of the four. Xuzhou is received east and south of north of the Huaihe River, West even Yongcheng, Beiyi Weishan Lake, is located in Huaihai Economic Zone, in the central part of Xuzhou Metropolitan Area, is the Yangtze River Delta city group, an important node in the Central Plains Economic Area, is known as Huaihai pearl, is a rapid rise...
      • 皇藏峪
      • 策馬來尋拔劍泉
      • 天然洞穴皇藏洞
        History more>>
        Physical Geography more>>
      Xiaoxian civilization history of 6000 years, 3100 years of history. The territory of the Neolithic cultural sites in Jinzhai, such as the legacy of the late 60 temple ruins cultural relics. Xia Dynasty, the Shang Dynasty six family moved to this, "cut the Peng warashina, Lihuo and", because the doy Xiao (wormwood), number of the motherland for Shaw, the establishment of Xiao Guo. Xiaoxian is the origin of the surname. Xiaoxian is the capital of Xia, xiao. Spring and autumn, and the construction of the country, for Song Fuyong. The Xiao Yi, Chu, Chu chu. Qin, Xiaoxian, Surabaya county. This is the beginning of Xiaoxian County, ar... Xiaoxian is located in the northern part of Anhui Province, the geographical position of longitude 116 degrees 31 '- 117 degrees 12', 56 '- 33 degrees north latitude 34 degrees 29'. Is located in four provinces of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Anhui, Huaibei plain in the north, south of Huanghuaihai Plain, east of Xuzhou, South to the north of the Huaihe River, north of the county, adjacent to the west to the northwest and Yongcheng, Dangshan, and Shandong Heze across, Southeast and Suzhou Yongqiao District at the junction, 60.4 kilometers long from north to south, 56 kilometers wide from east to west, the area 1861.12 square kilometers, about ...
      Administrative Divisions more>>
      The autumn of 1938, revocation of Tong Xiao County, Tong Zhang, Chu LAN district will return to Xiaoxian, the county a total area of 2834 square kilometers. October 1, 1949, the founding of the people's Republic of China, Xiaoxian for Jiangsu and Henan Province Jiazhi, so inside and outside the province territory change a lot. In January 1950, with government approval, will Zhu Lan Xiao County in the eastern part of the, Zhang, in Taoshan three areas all and northward, Hao Zhai two district...
      Highway In Xiaoxian there are 2 State Line Road, provincial highway 3, national highway 2. Xiaoxian outer ring on 10 October 2014 has been across the board through the length of 28.547 kilometers, Longfeng Avenue is received east, straight to the North Lu Tuen papeteries turning West, cross Dai River, new Dai River, along the new Dai River on the west side of the south to Meng Guanzhuang, under wear character clip Railway and Mao Ying Zi coal mine railway special line flat ha...
      Xiao county is located in the southeast edge of the Huaihai Economic Zone, Xuzhou Metropolitan Center site, the North China Plain, is the Yangtze River Delta city group, the Central Plains economic area is an important node in the city, is known as the Pearl of Huaihai, high-tech, agricultural and sideline products processing, mineral development, machinery manufacturing, medical medicine Huaqing, new building materials, ceramics, synthetic leather, anti-corrosion and other...
        Folk Customs  
      Xiaoxian's history and culture have a long history, it is one of the important birthplace of Chinese culture and filial piety culture. Xiaoxian dispute between North and south city Zhu Chao, atmosphere and things two Chu "is min Ziqian Lu Yi Shun mother story occurred, North and south toward the song's founding emperor Liuyu's hometown. Known as the "literature of the state", "cultural county" in the world. Xiaoxian since the Qin and Han Dynasties is through north and south...
        Investment environment  
      Xiaoxian is one of the 100 key coal producing counties in China, as of 2010 has proven coal reserves of 7.5 tons, the existing 1200000 tons of coal, proven oil reserves of 7 tons, 100000000000 cubic meters of CBM reserves, limestone reserves of 30 tons; iron ore, stone, calcite, dry mud, marble, kaolin and other reserves. Xiao County North and South belonging to the Huaihe River, Yellow River, groundwater is 2.6 billion cubic meters, good water quality, production and livin...
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